What the fuck is a starving artist?

An artist that is starving.


What happens if the artist is well fed?

On a diet of McDonald’s and Takis.

What happens then?
Then the phrase morphs into obese artist who Juuls too much and shits themselves.

That’s the starving artist of the 21st century.


Are we even in the 21st century?

I literally have NO fucking clue.

If it’s 2018, then aren’t we in the 20th century?


You know how there’s like periods of time, that remain legendary?

Like the 80’s, or the 20’s.

Those numbers just roll off the tongue.

The 10’s does not roll off the tongue.

This is not a legendary time.

No one will talk about it once it has passed.

What a relief.

I have a couple years to get my shit together before we enter a decade that might become legendary.





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