“Ok, so the theme for this month is trash?” I ask the group, everyone nods in agreement. The door is ajar, an old woman walks down the hallway bent over. Her jaw aligned with her pelvis. Our eyes are glued to this old woman as she waddles past.

“What the fuck?” The guy sitting next to me mumbles. We remain silent for a few seconds as the air is consumed by an aroma of feces.  

“It smells like someone just took a shit in the corner…” I say as I take a strong whiff.

“I don’t smell anything.” The guy sitting across from me says. I get up out of my chair and peer out into the hallway. The old woman is sprawled out on the floor face down surrounded in a puddle of piss. Sobbing her eyes out. Her white sweater has ridden up her back revealing a frumpy as seen on tv wonderbra. A large fart ascends from her asshole, poop leaps up her back as she immensely whelps.

“HELP!” The frail old woman who works in the front office climbs out of her dwelling and comes to the rescue of the fallen one.

“Oh Sharon… sweety are you ok?” Sharen picks up her head, her face wet with urine. Clear snot ascending from her nostrils. Johnny grabs her hand and picks her up off the ground. A custodian jogs down the hallway, sees the catastrophe of a scene, and throws up in the puddle. He runs into the nearby restroom, continuing to puke his guts out as he leans over the porcelain bowl. The old woman reaches her feet and begins to shake herself off like a dog. Johnny is appalled, shit and piss are splattered onto the light blue walls as well as Johnny. Sharen is sobbing and pulling her grey hair out. Johnny is trying to comfort her but is so disgusted that she begins to walk away. Sharon throws herself to the floor and begins to defecate herself yet again.

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