Birds & Stars

Sometimes I feel my sanity slipping away. My hands sore from gripping it for too long. Clock gears are shifting through my head so fast I can hardly tell the time. It’s hard to stay stable when you’re hardly able to be… I get so crazy sometimes. I can hardly tell the time. Sometimes I wonder how fast everything’s going by. Because it’s all slow, if you listen to the clock ticking in my mind.

A halo of spinning stars around my head, like in an old cartoon when the animal has just been bonked in the head. Taken out of consciousness for a split second as the halo goes round and round as birds squawk. That’s what I feel like when I’m going crazy, like my mind is racing so fast I can’t keep up with it. I can’t move I’m paralyzed as my thoughts go round and round in circles. Nothing makes sense but the breath of my consciousness is tired, panting between every syllable. Everything ends in exclamation point, and most things are capitalized. Birds and stars spin round in round.

It all neglects to make sense, yet it all makes sense. IT’s as though I’m reaching a bunch of conclusions that make sense at the time yet in reality have no basis. I freak out. It’s like everythingngngeankladglk;jaxgjadrlkjgldkasjgxkadjfglkjal’d;fj

Birds and stars birds and stars birds and stars

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