It was a sunny day at the tail end of August, school had just begun. I sit atop the mountain looking out among the beautiful lake. Beside me sits Daniel Brown, who is lighting up a backwoods. I watch the butane flame dance upon the end of the end, sparking to life, Daniel inhales. His thumb releases its hold on the lighter and it finds its way back into his pocket. I like Daniel–in what way, I don’t exactly know. All I know is that I like him, and that he wants to fuck me. Well me and anything else that has something resembling a vagina.

I begin the method of seduction I have gone over a billion times in her head. In the wake of sleep, I meditate on the thought of performing this ritual. Although I do not want to fuck Daniel, I want to feel his desire for me. My hand grazes the mid thigh region of his khaki pants. My nails are painted a dark crimson, a color that was reserved for prostitutes in the late 50’s, or so Callie told me. Daniel passes me the blunt, and begins to speak.

“What do you think of them changing the AP multiplier?”

“Mmm…” I finish up inhaling, and gracefully exhale through my nose. “I think it’s a good idea.” I bring the blunt back up to my lips, Daniel wraps his arm around me. The ducks quack on the water, cars speed along the rod iron bridge below us.

“Am I sleeping?” I ask myself in the midst of pot smoke.

“It’s just shitty for my little sister, because she won’t have the advantage I have.” He says before he takes another hit.

“You never should’ve had that advantage to begin with. The multiplier is fucking dumb. People should be taking advanced courses to challenge themselves, not to jack up their GPA.” I argue as I watch the sun start to plumpet into the horizon of cedar trees.

“I just want to get into UT.”

“Yeah and you will stop worrying about it.”

“It’s just that if I don’t go to UT then my dad will yell at me and my mom will be disappointed and I won’t get the 15k they said I’d get if I got in.” Instantly my level of attraction toward him dropped down at least two points.

“You sound like a little bitch…”

“C’mon don’t be an asshole.”

“I’m literally not being an asshole I’m just telling the truth.”

“Ok whatever then I just won’t talk.”

“How about we talk about something that doesn’t involve school or football.”

“Ok… what’s your favorite sex position?”

“I do not have one.”

“Boring, mine’s reverse cowgirl. Or doggy style.”

“Interesting.” I say unamused.

“What’s your favorite food?”

“Hawaiian pizza, what about you?”

“Peanut butter… you wanna know why?”


“Because I like to lick it off of pusssies!” He starts hysterically laughing. I watch Daniel smash the roach on a nearby boulder. He buries it beneath the orange leaves and pushes the leaves away. He smiles as his gaze meets mine and plants a kiss on me.

“What the fuck are y’all doing here?” We turn around to see Cathleen Robinson standing with her hands on her hips, a Juul in one hand–of course. Her long blond curly hair is parted in the center, she’s wearing a beige Alice and Olivia sweater.

“Fuck off Cathleen.” Typical Daniel, he’s not a man of many words, nor a well spoken one.

“Why should I? So you can fuck another whore?” Cathleen says beginning to get a headache from all the nicotine, she never puts that thing down.

“I’m serious Cathleen, go away.” Daniel mutters and once again wraps his arm around me. Cathleen stomps off into the forest floor nearly slipping on the discarded leaves in her Steve Madden’s.

“Why does she care so much? It’s not like y’all fucked or anything.” I point out.

“It’s just that shit was different with her. We were actually in love.

“No you weren’t. We’re too young to be in love.”

“Yeah you’re probably right. But I think she loved me.”

“She probably did.”

“She probably did and you probably will.” He laughs and looks at me.

“Oh fuck off, I will never love you.” I say and kiss him.



“I can not believe you’re hanging out with Daniel Brown. He is such an idiot. Last year he asked me if I was related to Holden Caulfield. When I told him that Holden Caulfield isn’t real he was like, “Really?” He is so dumb.” Callie says as she sits on my bedroom floor painting her nails.

“He’s such a good kisser though… that balances the stupidity thing out.” I say as I shoot my foam basketball into the hoop attached to my closet door.

“If you say so…”

“Oh come on you dated Christian the 26 year old heroin addict for a solid month.”

“He would go down on me for hours, I was in heaven when I was with him.” She says as she blows on her nails.

“I overheard Cathleen saying that Daniel was good at that.”

“Yeah I mean he probably is, he’s hooked up with a lot of chicks.”

“I think Javier Gonzalez is so cute.”
“He’s that tiny Mexican dude on the football team?”

“Yeah he has a full set of abs.”

“I mean… I guess that cancels out the fact that he’s 5’4.”

“How’s your mom doing?”

“She’s better, she doesn’t look like a zombie anymore. I still can’t believe she had the facelift… I mean so what if my dad is fucking a 25 year old, a facelift won’t fix a marriage.”

“I mean it might…”

“It won’t, all it will do it realize how she needs a breast lift and a tummy tuck, and Coolsculpting.”

“Are you still hanging out with Maribelle?”

“Yeah I think she’s about to go to rehab though.”
“What for this time?”


“Oh… she’s not that skinny though.”

“Yeah I know, it’s weird. She doesn’t ever eat anything.”

“That’s not good.”

“Did you know she had anal with Daniel in a bathroom stall last year?”

“No wait what?”

“Yeah they had to stop for her to take a shit, and then they kept on going.”

“That’s the grossest shit I’ve ever heard.”

“So are you going to fuck him?”

“Daniel? Probably not.”

“He might try to stick it in your ass if you tell him no.”

“Well I mean the poop hole loop hole is a thing.” We laugh in unison.

“Get him to eat your ass though, it feels so good.”


“Yeah there’s nerve endings and shit down there.”

“Sounds intriguing.”

“How’s basketball?”

“I HATE it.”

“Why don’t you quit?”

“Honestly I probably will pretty soon.”

“I felt so good once I quit softball.” She takes her Juul out of her pocket, hits it, and tosses it to me.

“Yeah I could imagine.” I hit the Juul and cough as I exhale.

“Just gotta rip the band aid off.”



I awake to the sound of my phone ringing, Callie is sleeping next to me in the bed. I pick up the phone to hear Daniel’s voice on the other end.

“I’m in front of your house.” He says.

“Why? It’s like 3 in the morning…”

“Come out.”

“Callie is with me.”

“It’ll only take a second.”

“Ok.” I hang up the phone and get out of bed. Wearing nothing but an oversized t shirt and underwear I go out the side door. Daniel is sitting in his Four Runner with the headlights turned off. I open up the passenger door and get in.

“Hey.” He says and puts his phone in the cupholder.

“Why are you here?” He starts kissing me and doesn’t stop for like 30 minutes. But I don’t object it feels super good.

“Get in the back with me.” I look back to see that he put the seats down.

“Ok.” I get out of the car and get in the back. He gets on top of me and starts dry humping me. “Woah… uhh… yeah no.”

“But you’re so hot.”

“Yeah I know but like no.”


“Because this isn’t going to be an actual relationship. Do you plan on taking me to homecoming?”


“Yeah exactly so I don’t wanna do that stuff.”

“Ok.” Then we resume kissing and I get to thinking…

“Go down on me.” I say and pull down my underwear.

“Really? Ok.”

I’ll spare you the details, but it was AMAZING. Once I was done I pulled my underwear back up, opened the door and started getting out of the car.

“Wait! What about me?!” He exclaims.

“What about you?!” I say and shut the door.


The only football game worth going to is the homecoming football game. The reasoning behind this is that this is the only game where there are no chaperones in the student bleachers. All the girls have their mums pinned to their jeans, passing around Swell bottles full of vodka. The boys are drinking out of soda cans that they have funneled beer into.

“JAVIER GONZALEZ APPEARS TO BE INJURED IN RESULT OF DANIEL BROWN’S UNNECESSARY TACKLE! You’d think they’d teach that the point of football is to tackle the opposing team!” The announcer says as a coach and a trainer assisted Javier in the act of walking off the field. Callie passes me her turquoise Swell bottle, I take a swig. All the players are kneeling, a couple with their helmets off, they all know he is through. A transfer student who has beef with Daniel Brown is bound to end up expelled. Daniel is the only one standing up on the entire field.


“DOWN AND BACK ON MY WHISTLE.” Coach Macintosh brought her silver whistle up to her mouth, blew it forcefully, and we ran as fast as we could. Like genetically engineered race horses, we touched the white line with our right toe, over extended and touched beyond that with our right arm, and were back before the 8 second buzzer erupted.

This process was repeated another eighteen times, as it had every other day that very week. Christina, the post with the weak bladder, wet herself again. A steady clear dizzle ascended down her leg, as she continued to sprint. Francine, the starting point guard, vomited up that morning’s bagel into the nearby trash can. It was the saturday morning following the homecoming game, I had been out late, I had partied, and quite frankly I was just about done with this bullshit.

“DOWN AND BACK, HALF COURT AND BACK.” Coach Macintosh put her whistle up to her mouth, my chest heaved up and down, breathing minus the oxygen part. My mind was filled with so much noise, the varsity team cheered from the sideline,

“COME ON YOU GOT IT LADIES!” Virginia, the permanently smiling Mormon girl yelled as she jumped up and down. She was coach’s favorite, always on time for practice, the type to run the last lap alongside you, so you didn’t have to do it alone. As much as I wanted to hate her, I just couldn’t do it. She was so nice.

Oxygen had yet to reached my lungs. Coach blew her whistle, as everyone began busting their ass down the court, I leisurely walked toward the double mahogany wood doors. Catching a glimpse of my sweaty complexion against the glass as I pushed the door open.

“PHOEBE WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!” Coach yelled toward me, I stopped mid stride and turned back to her.

“Home… I quit.” I told her before resuming my dramatic exit. The door swung out into the wide hallway, smacking a football player right in the face. His hand went up and grabbed his forehead.

“Shit.” The door swings shut as he curses and I walk closer to him.

“Oh my god are you ok?!” He’s having trouble keeping his balance, swaying from one foot to the other. I take hold of his shoulders and hold him steady till he regains his composer.

“Yeah but I think my concussion just got a little worse… It’s fine I was done for the season anyway.”

“I’m done too.”

“Are you hurt?” Javier looked me up and down, checking for any bandages or casts. His glasses slightly slip down.

“No, I quit.” The empty hallway was pristine, free of students who would lead it to impurity. I could hear the neverending melody of Macintosh’s whistle.

“Phoebe right?”’


“I’m Javier.”

“I know.”

“Were you at last night’s game?” Javier asked me as he pushed his reading glasses up on the brim of his nose.

“Yeah I saw you get hurt.” I start toward the locker rooms in hopes that he’ll follow. “Why did Danny just randomly tackle you like that?”

“You know Cathleen?”
“Yeah, his beloved celibate girlfriend that he’s been going after since freshman year. L-O-L he turned me down to go to homecoming with that bitch.”

“Well I fucked her, and now he’s pissed as hell.”

“Well I also sold her some LSD and she had a bad trip. Cut off all her hair, scratched up her arms a bit.” I pictured Cathleen’s curly gold locks falling to the floor as she manically attacked them with a pair of kitchen scissors. “You smoke?” He asked me, and smirked sexily, his dark eyes had a devious gleam.

“Weed? Yeah.” He started walking toward the locker room doors.

“Clean out your locker, I’ll clean out mine, meet here as soon as we’re done. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.” We go our separate ways, into the gender separated locker rooms.

TRACK KICKS ASS!” Is scrawled in red on the stagnant whiteboard, layering the game and practice schedules, that were kept up to date no longer than the first 3 weeks of school. A bittersweet vibe overtakes me as I take a right and head into the basketball sector of the room. Christina’s white basketball slides are in the middle of the blue tile floor. An itty bitty pink sports bra belonging to Francine, hangs in the nondescript locker beside mine. A whole collection of bath and body works body mists sit on the shelf above the mirror. The mixed aroma, along with the miserable humidity as a result of volleyball’s hair dryers, makes for a very pertinent migraine.

I grab my Nike gym bag off the floor and fill it with everything in my locker- a towel, some soap, a hair brush, deodorant, and a pair of worn out tennis shoes. The thundering sound of my locker slamming shut tickles my ears in a way that routinely comforts me, reminding me that basketball is over for the day, or in this case forever. I plop onto the bean bag with a basketball printed on the niolon, take off my court shoes, and slip on tennis shoes. It’s a struggle to maneuver my shoes into the overflowing backpack. Watching my reflection, I throw it over my shoulder and look at my reflection in the mirror.

You look great today! :)” Was formulated atop the mirror in coral lipstick by Virginia, back when she was a JV starter.

“Thanks.” I muttered aloud, and tucked a light brown wispy behind my ear. Mascara smudged beneath my eyes, followed by puffy dark circles.

“Took you long enough.” Javier said as I walked out of the door.

“Shut up. Are we taking your car or mine?” I asked as we walked out into the parking lot.

“Mine.” He got his car keys out of his pocket, causing a 2007 black jeep wrangler parked in a handicapped spot to squeal in response. Although I don’t know what the point of unlocking the doors was, because there weren’t any. Javier went around to the back of the car and stuck his key in the tailgate, we throw our stuff in the back.

“Where do you want to go?” My seat belt clicked as I buckled it, the engine rumbled to life.

“The scenic overlook? There’s never anyone there at this time of day.” I suggested as he backed out of the parking spot.

“Good idea.” He passed me the aux cord.

“My phone doesn’t have a headphone jack.”

“Fancy ass bitch…” He checked his rearview mirror before stopping to fish his iphone 5 out of his basketball shorts. “Here, the password is fuckkkkk, with 5 k’s.” I type in the code on his partially shattered screen and plug it into the car. There’s a whole bunch of rappers on his soundcloud, but the only one I recognize is Lil Pump. Gucci Gang starts playing and Javier turns up the stereo.

He yells the rap lyrics as we cruise down the ribbon of a street. Through the asymmetric limestone tunnel, wavy grass blows in the wind, unsure of itself. His hands loosely gripping the steering wheel, I learn back further into my seat. I’m done with believing in the inevitable doom that seems to follow straying off the common path. We reach a stoplight, I catch Javier looking at me as I attempt to rap the song. His mouth has contorted itself into the infamous “fuck me” smirk that guys get when they look at me at the right time. I never know how to look back at them, I always think I’m doing the sexy thing wrong.

He pulls into the “Scenic Overlook” parking lot and pulls into a spot. I turn down the music, and Javier’s hand takes ahold of my thigh as he reaches over to fish something out of his glove box. Range Rovers, F150’s, and Cadillac Escalades zoom down the highway. There’s the occasional beat up Toyota, a maid on her way to clean a mansion. But most of the vehicles are all the same, and the people driving them are even more similar. Blond haired blue eyed with boob jobs and botox, big diamond ring, kids screaming in the back. Dark haired hazel eyed, Rolex watch and custom suit, coming back from a “work trip” that entailed fucking a 25 year old while simultaneously texting the kids goodnight. “Daddy loves you. Tell your mom I love her too.”

My thigh seemingly orgasms with the touch of his warm calloused hand. The other one sifting through the insurance paperwork and owner’s manual, takes hold of a little bag full of joints. His hand is removed from my thigh, he opens up the bag, and lights a joint. Taking a couple of hits before passing it to me, I’ve never seen someone smoke so beautifully. Such peaceful exhales, carried off by the subtle breeze that flows within the light blue snowglobe sky. I feel like someone should peer down off a cloud and yell at us. They’re so close yet so far. He passes me the joint and I put it between my lips. Inhaling the smoke and feeling the tickle in my lungs, I concentrate on not coughing. I can not be that pussy-white-girl.

The skyline is rigid, the sharp modern buildings are full of questionably happy people. Surrounded by puny apartments, full of hipsters who ride bikes on the highways, who go on juice cleanses after thanksgiving, vowing to never eat meat again.

I take another drag off the joint before passing it back to Javier.

“I feel like you’re a super interesting person, once someone gets you talking.” I say out of the blue, praying I lit the match at the strike of conversation. “Someone I can be real with.” I add.

“You can say whatever you want, I’ve been high since January. To me you’re a pretty little white girl who would never really give me a chance.” The match was lit, the yellow flame dancing gracefully side to side against the dark metaphoric background.

“I really want something new. Something different than what is right here, something that will bring me actual fulfillment.”

“We live in such a strange place. Or you do, and I just come here a lot. It’s this pretentious bubble, full of money and pressure. Living here is like trying stay at the bottom of a really deep swimming pool. You feel like your brain is going to explode out of your ears, and you just want to scream.”

“I crave the freedom of coming from the bottom. I really and truly do. Because I know that it’s all downhill from here. I wish I had nothing expected of me.”

“At least you have the momentum that comes with falling.”

“This may sound crazy, but let’s run away.” I suggest.

“Where do you wanna go?”
“Somewhere where no one will ever find us.”

“Las Vegas it is.”

“Why the fuck would we go to Las Vegas? We aren’t old enough to gamble.”

“You can be a hooker and I can sell drugs. We’d be a power couple!” He exclaims sarcastically.

“No Javier I’m serious, I want to get the fuck out of here.”

“Then you gotta go on your own, you know how it is. They’d make up some story like that I kidnapped you.”

“No they won’t! I’ve tried to kill myself like six times already! They know I’m miserable and would do anything to get away from this place! My brain is literally exploding out of my ears and I can not take it anymore.” His eyes are fixated on mine, I pull his face close and plant my lips on his. After a few minutes of kissing I pull away.

“Ok let’s get going then. Where do you live? Do you need to grab some things?”

“Yeah uh…” I feel the pot kicking in. “Pull out of the lot and turn right.” He takes one last hit off the joint and throws it on the pavement.

“I got a few bricks I gotta sell before we leave, I already have buyers lined up we just gotta make some deliveries.”

“Ok.” He turns onto the main road and we head toward my house.

As we pull into my driveway Javier turn the music down, I hop out of the car and grab my backpack from the back. The alarm dings as I unlock the side door, I open up the door to the garage to check if my mom is home… andddd she isn’t. I drop my gym bag at the base of the stairs. Run upstairs, grab a bag, fill it with clothes, an iphone charger, and a toothbrush. I grab the wallet full of cash that I keep hidden in my sock drawer, $420 to be exact, and I get the hell out of there.

I lock the side door, walk towards the Jeep, throwing my backpack in the back seat and buckling myself in the front. As we drive away from the 5,000 square foot monstrosity of a house, I can’t help but feeling exhilarated. I’m finally free.



“We gotta go by Cathleen’s house and drop off her weed.” Javier says as he backs out of my driveway.

“She’s buying a whole brick?”

“Yeah she’s gonna start dealing to freshman to save up for hair extensions.”

“Jesus… isn’t that like $2,000 worth of weed? Why doesn’t she just buy hair extensions with the $2,000…”
“Bruh I don’t fucking know or care… all I know is that it’s good money for me.”
Cathleen’s house is just down the street from mine, it’s large, limestone, and gated. Javier gets out his phone and types in the code that Cathleen texted him. The gate swings open and we drive through. Daniel’s silver Four Runner is parked in the driveway, we park beside him.

“You do realize that’s Daniel’s car right?” I ask.

“Yeah I realize that.” Javier goes around to the trunk of his Jeep to get the weed.

“Should I come or stay in the car?”

“I mean stay in the car if that would make you feel better but it’d probably be more fun for you to watch this go down.”

“I’m going in with you.” I unbuckle my seat belt and we ring the doorbell. Daniel answers, wearing nothing but his football pants.

“Cathleen’s up in her room.” He motions toward the stairs and begins to lead us up there. I shut the door behind us, and wonder why the fuck Daniel is here instead of at football practice. “How’s basketball going Phoebe?” He asks me as we reach the top of the stairs.

“I quit.” I tell him as he starts to lead us down the long hallway whose walls are covered in family portraits. The Robinson’s in front of a Christmas tree, in front of the Eiffel tower, on a beach, gathered around a graduate in a hat and gown.

“Sorry to hear that.” Daniel says as we walk past a playroom that’s filled with arcade games and a foosball table. Javier is directly behind Daniel as he opens Cathleen’s bedroom door. As soon as the door opens, Javier is pulled into the room by two of his team mates.

“What the fuck??” He says as three guys crowd around him, he hands me the brick. They begin to beat the living shit out of him as Cathleen walks out of her closet. Her hair looks like a barbie doll that a little girl decided to play hairdresser with. Nearly bald in some places, shoulder length in others.

“Stop!” Cathleen yells as she crosses her arms and smiles ear to ear. “Let him see what he did to me.” The boys stop torturing Javier and allow him to stand up. Cathleen pulls up her sleeves, revealing multiple deep cuts on her forearms. There’s a long pause, Cathleen bats her eyelashes.

“I didn’t do anything to you… you did that to yourself.” Javier says, Daniel then tackles him to the floor, hitting him repeatedly.

“Say you’re FUCKING sorry… BEANER!” Daniel says as he punches him in the jaw.

“I’M SORRY!” Javier says, Daniel stands up and snatches the brick from my grasp.

“I think it’s time for y’all to go.” Daniel says as he grabs Cathleen’s hand.

“What about my two grand?” Javier says as he gets up off the carpet.

“What two grand?” Daniel throws the brick on the bed. “You were never even here.”

“Really Cathleen?” Javier says, Cathleen looks at him lustfully, slowly stepping toward him.

“I think it’s about time you leave, Javier.” She says as she pulls him in for a kiss. I punch her in the eye, and Javier grabs the weed off the bed.

“Oh no you fucking don’t!” One of the boys yells after us as we sprint down the hallway. I jump off the last eight stairs and throw open the front door. Daniel grabs hold of Javier’s foot as he reaches the fourier, I grab the weed from his hands and run toward the car. Tossing it in the backseat as I start the car and whip around toward the gate. Daniel and the other two guys are chasing Javier down the driveway. Javier hops in the passenger seat just as the automatic gate begins to slowly swing open. I see Daniel as well as the other two guys in the rearview mirror, floor the gas, and drive into the gate.

“Shit you’re a natural.” Javier says as I drive down the street.

“Thanks.” I go a little ways down the main road before pulling off to the side and switching places.

“So Daniel Brown?” Javier says as he shifts the Jeep into drive.

“Oh you can’t say shit. You fucked Cathleen.” I light up another joint and buckle my seat belt.

“I mean yeah she’s a bitch and all, but before she cut off all her hair she was a dime. And you were looking for something more than a physical relationship with Daniel… right?” I pass him the joint as we continue driving down the road.

“He’s actually sweet if you get to know him.”

“Lies. Did you know that he showed the entire football team that video you sent him?”

“What video?”

“You were playing with your tits and moaning… it was hot as fuck.”

“Yeah me and fifty other guys.”

“No wonder I had so many guys hitting me up for nudes last month.”

“Yeah no wonder. Hey grab my phone and call Vercobrix.”

“The sophomore?” I ask as I grab Javier’s phone out of the glove compartment.

“Yeah he’s a dealer I sell to.” I put the phone up to his ear, he hands me he joint and holds the phone. “Vercobrix? Did you move the shit I sold you last week? Uhuh… uhuh… good… I got three more bricks you got the cash? Uhuh… Yeah five is fine, see you in a few.” He hangs up the phone and puts it in the cup holder.

“How many bricks do you move a week?” I ask as I throw the roach on the street.

“I’d say 8-12 depending on the week.”

“So if you’re selling it for two grand a brick, you’re making at least sixteen grand a week? What do you buy it from your plug for?”

“I don’t buy it from a plug, me and my brother grow it in trailers.” He says as we drive past Oakwood Country Club, where tummy tucks are all the rage, and Xenical is slipped into the kids applesauce.

“Oh nice.” The farther we drive, the closer we get to leaving the bubble I have come to know as the world. The bubble where Mommy Lipo Makeovers are the norm, and Laser Hair Removal is an ordinary graduation gift. Where babysitters are paid $30 an hour, and Sweet Sixteen mean last year’s Mercedes.

“Vercobrix lives in Morrison.” Javier says as he exits off the highway.

We pull up in front of a worn out trailer, a rusted out Honda in the driveway, a blue tarp thrown over the engine flaps in the wind. Javier gets the bricks out of the back, sets them on the front porch, and bangs on the door. They do the hug handshake thing, and shoot the shit for a few minutes. Once the transaction has occurred the door is shut and Javier hops back in the car.

“Give me your phone.” He says as he puts the money in his back pocket. I hand it over, he puts it beneath the wheel of the car, and runs over it as we back out of the driveway.



“I hope you know that I’m not becoming a hooker.” I tell Javier as he gets on the freeway.

“You don’t gotta do shit. I got you.” He puts his hand on my thigh and then back on the wheel.

“Why did you agree to do this with me?”

“I’m on the run anyway.”

“You are?!”


“Soo if you get caught will I go to jail?”

“Why you so scared all a sudden?”

“Because I didn’t know we were on the run. What did you do exactly?”

“Killed my brother.” He says point blank.


“Because he fucked me over.”

“How did you kill him?”

“Shot him in the head.”

“Pull over.”

“Ha you think I’m actually letting you get away? Fuck no bitch you my slave.” I grab the wheel and the car swerves over toward the barrier. He grabs my hand and bends it backwards. I wince in pain. “Why you gotta make this harder than it has to be?”

“Why do you want me?”

“I like company, and once I get tired of you, I’ll just sell you.”

“What do you mean sell me?”

“You’ll be someone else’s slave.”

“Fuck no I won’t! I’m not yours or anyone else’s!”

“Oh, but you are.” He says with a smile.

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