Wandering Years

Perpetually a lost and confused little girl, follows everything with-

“I don’t know.”

And when someone tries to explain, the answer is-

“I don’t care.”

At least she’s self aware enough to know that she doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. But was she can’t figure out is what she does know, or does care about. So she’s left wandering, not caring, not knowing, not doing anything really.

She’s lost her balloon in the grocery store parking lot, and one of her pigtails are undone.

Everything’s rather confusing-

Where does the balloon go? 

Can you see it from an airplane?

Does it go into outer space?

She doesn’t know, she doesn’t care, she wants to keep wandering. In pink flip flops on hot asphalt. Wanting to know all the answers one day, but just not today. She hates being little, she hates being a kid, and she doesn’t quite know where balloons go when they float up into the sky. Yet she doesn’t quite care, wanting to keep wandering for a bit.


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