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There was once a girl who was never told no. She was told she could do anything she put her mind to. Everything in life, for her, was nothing but a will a way.

Then the depression hit. The feeling that one can’t put their mind to anything, for it was too much, too hard.

The world had caved in on itself and what surrounded her were suffocating walls. She had found herself in a cave, whose walls were painted with words. Words shouldn’t matter, or words that were taken out of context. Words that told her no. For she was not good enough. She was not strong enough. She was not smart enough.

Everything was too much.

She rocked and screamed and shut her eyes tight. For the world was too much to deal with. She rocked for days on end, too scared to open her eyes and look around her. When she finally worked up the courage to take a peak…

Birds that once swarmed her head were chirping. The sun was shining, and everything looked as though it was some kind of Target Ad. So bright, colorful, and happy.

The girl then realized that no one told her no but herself.

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