Dear Everyone & Everything

world earth Sticker by Arata

You should really be nicer because the world is mean.

If you aren’t nice then who will be?

That’s the question really,

what else is out there besides everything and everyone.

There has to be something more right?

I personally am not so sure.

There is no afterlife, that’s for certain.

That belief is narcissism at its finest.

But for some reason I feel like a puppet, being controlled by invisible strings from up above.

My gut vibrates of anxiety, warning me when something’s wrong.

Sometimes these waves of worry are just a drill.

A fire drill of sorts, there is no fire, but there still needs to be a drill, just to make sure that if something’s wrong, everyone knows what to do.


I think having faith in god makes one more depressed rather than less.

You blame someone else for your downfalls as opposed to yourself.

Blaming somebody else is never good, especially if you’re like me, and can keep on doing that for a really long time.

I wonder why people think that this organization of beliefs and way you ought to live is actually helping them?

There are two types of people in this world, those who prefer blank paper, and those who prefer coloring book pages.

Those who prefer blank pages are the non religious ones.

Those who prefer coloring book pages are the religious ones.

The ones who need a manual to draw conclusions about the world from.

Counting on something outside yourself for quite a large task can’t be healthy.

Yet they continue to confine themselves to the outlines given to them on the paper.

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