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The Evil Eye Sticker by Max bahman - MAX164

Women are talked over, yet stared at. Failure to see beyond the surface, uninterested to see what lies beneath. Unless their personality jumps out and grabs them by the neck and says, “I’m here!”

In the Michelangelo painting, The Last Judgement women were painted only slightly smaller than the men. They were painted with big, strong arms, and large thunder thighs that were chiselled like a body builder’s. Of course, everyone was looking at Jesus in the painting, so we can’t draw any conclusions as to whether or not women were sexually objectified as much as today. But I’m going to take a wild guess and say that people weren’t as concerned as fitting the mould back then. That is unless they were perhaps royalty.

Even then, queens could eat as they pleased. A larger thrown could be made, a larger dress could be tailored. And the crown would fit no matter what. I wonder who thought-


I bet it was an evil man in a cape. He had a black eyepatch on and white cloves. His fingers drumming together against one another.

dance love Sticker by Schall & Schnabel

The new pinnacle of beauty was self-control, not indulgence.

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