Wandering Years

Perpetually a lost and confused little girl, follows everything with- “I don’t know.” And when someone tries to explain, the answer is- “I don’t care.” At least she’s self aware enough to know that she doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. But was she can’t figure out is what she does know, or does care about. […]

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Birds & Stars

Sometimes I feel my sanity slipping away. My hands sore from gripping it for too long. Clock gears are shifting through my head so fast I can hardly tell the time. It’s hard to stay stable when you’re hardly able to be… I get so crazy sometimes. I can hardly tell the time. Sometimes I […]

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I’m trying to figure out how I can be happy and stop questioning everything so much. From all my questioning of everything in life the only conclusions I have reached are that there is no good, and there is no bad. There is no right thing because there is no wrong thing. Everything is so […]

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