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Stared @

Women are talked over, yet stared at. Failure to see beyond the surface, uninterested to see what lies beneath. Unless their personality jumps out and grabs them by the neck and says, “I’m here!” In the Michelangelo painting, The Last Judgement women were painted only slightly smaller than the men. They were painted with big, strong arms, […]

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She was a dumb blonde with nothing on her mind, her name was Gina. Pushing her cart through the supermarket. There was a designer handbag in the front of the cart, she stood in the produce aisle taking on her phone. “Ok so Linda I can eat nightshades? Correct?” She questioned her nutritionist as she […]

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Stars chase the moon, sheep commit suicide, warm milk and mama’s kisses laced with cyanide (monsters crowd the closet), my brain chasing itself in circles. There are six hours left until my alarm goes off, if I fall asleep in five minutes I won’t be ALL that tired. Butterflies fly across the room, blue, blue, […]

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I have one pair of shoes that make me feel like a real woman. They’re black, leather, and pointy. A pair of shoes that could do some real damage to a set of balls. They either make me walk tall, or shrivel up and fall, depending upon the day. Their heels loudly clank against the […]

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Dear Everyone & Everything

You should really be nicer because the world is mean. If you aren’t nice then who will be? That’s the question really, what else is out there besides everything and everyone. There has to be something more right? I personally am not so sure. There is no afterlife, that’s for certain. That belief is narcissism […]

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There was once a girl who was never told no. She was told she could do anything she put her mind to. Everything in life, for her, was nothing but a will a way. Then the depression hit. The feeling that one can’t put their mind to anything, for it was too much, too hard. […]

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Wandering Years

Perpetually a lost and confused little girl, follows everything with- “I don’t know.” And when someone tries to explain, the answer is- “I don’t care.” At least she’s self aware enough to know that she doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. But was she can’t figure out is what she does know, or does care about. […]

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Birds & Stars

Sometimes I feel my sanity slipping away. My hands sore from gripping it for too long. Clock gears are shifting through my head so fast I can hardly tell the time. It’s hard to stay stable when you’re hardly able to be… I get so crazy sometimes. I can hardly tell the time. Sometimes I […]

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I’m trying to figure out how I can be happy and stop questioning everything so much. From all my questioning of everything in life the only conclusions I have reached are that there is no good, and there is no bad. There is no right thing because there is no wrong thing. Everything is so […]

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