Girl With The Black Shoes “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” Mary Margaret belts out horribly as she stands on the chapel stage. Televisions on either side of the stage display the lyrics with a lovely follow along highlight. Willow, Philip, Haven and I all sit in the very […]

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SMOKE S-POT It was a sunny day at the tail end of August, school had just begun. I sit atop the mountain looking out among the beautiful lake. Beside me sits Daniel Brown, who is lighting up a backwoods. I watch the butane flame dance upon the end of the end, sparking to life, Daniel […]

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Wandering Years

Perpetually a lost and confused little girl, follows everything with- “I don’t know.” And when someone tries to explain, the answer is- “I don’t care.” At least she’s self aware enough to know that she doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. But was she can’t figure out is what she does know, or does care about. […]

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Birds & Stars

Sometimes I feel my sanity slipping away. My hands sore from gripping it for too long. Clock gears are shifting through my head so fast I can hardly tell the time. It’s hard to stay stable when you’re hardly able to be… I get so crazy sometimes. I can hardly tell the time. Sometimes I […]

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Ronald The Fat Ass

Chapter 1 I haven’t left my home in over 16 years. The last time I left it was February 13th, 2002. I had a skype date with my webcam girl. It was our 3 year anniversary. Her skype name was sexybaby6969, she wouldn’t tell me her real name. As far as she was concerned, I […]

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“Ok, so the theme for this month is trash?” I ask the group, everyone nods in agreement. The door is ajar, an old woman walks down the hallway bent over. Her jaw aligned with her pelvis. Our eyes are glued to this old woman as she waddles past. “What the fuck?” The guy sitting next […]

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Sometimes I get sad and I don’t know why. These times come about randomly and without warning. Sometimes when it’s raining. Sometimes when it’s sunny. Sometimes when there’s no weather at all. Sometimes they just come. I don’t know why. I try to pinpoint it on some actual thing that it could be caused by. […]

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